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Liya luxury rib boats


Liya boats

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  • Liya 8.3m/27ft luxury rib boats
    Liya 8.3m/27ft luxury rib boats

    The fiberglass hull of the Rib boat can cut waves like ordinary hard-shell boats, and it is not subject to wear and tear under the impact of high-speed movement, sand rocks and submersibles. But unlike ordinary hard-hulled ships, its inflatable cabin side makes the hull more stable and more buoyant.
    Liya HYP830 is a modern luxury version of the Rib boat, with 8 airbags, a total length of 8.3 meters, and a maximum horsepower of 300HP.

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  • Liya new finished luxury rib boats
    Liya new finished luxury rib boats

    Its never to early to get your rib boat, inflatable boats and fiberglass fishing boats panga boat on the schedule to have it spring commissioned.

    Stay safe wash your hands and enjoy some family time.Think how you are going to spend your time on the water this summer !!

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  • Liya 22ft 6.6m luxury rib boats feedback
    Liya 22ft 6.6m luxury rib boats feedback

    For wonderful and pleasure water life,maybe you can refere to Liya RIB Boats,17 feet RIB boat,19 feet popular rigid infaltable boat,22 feet for family rib infaltable boat etc...you can use for family for pleasure,for fishing etc...and Liya with have 3-5 years guarantee ,it is reailable and serious m

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  • Liya mini rib boats
    Liya mini rib boats

    Inflatables are commonly between 2 and 8.3 metres (6.6 and 27.0 ft) long andare propelled by outboard motors of 2.3 to 300 horsepower (1.7 to 223.7 kW). Due to their speed, portability, and light weight, inflatable boats are used in diverse roles:Inflatable and rigid-hulled inflatable boats are usu

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Since 2006, focusing on making boats.

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Lian Ya Boat , a professional rigid inflatable boats, foldable inflatable boats, fiberglass fishing boats, panga boats manufacturer and supplier.
Almost every week, we export various kinds of RIB boats, hypalon boats, rubber boats, pvc inflatable boats and panga boats to different countries with good feedback.
Liya boat, it is reliable, safe, comfortable and eco-friendly, are widely used for vacationing, fishing, exploring, life saving, and so on.