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Liya Boats Features

Fiberglass hard-bottom inflatable boat , also known as rigid-shell inflatable boat (Rigid inflatable Boat), is a new type of boat.

The bottom of this boat is made of fiberglass. Compared with traditional soft-bottomed inflatable boats, it cannot be folded and is more expensive, but it is more stable, lightweight, fast and seaworthy. Fiberglass hull inflatable boats are light in weight, have good performance and large capacity. Designed with inflatable pontoons, it will not sink even on the water.

Today Liya have fiberglass hull inflatable boat (rigid inflatble boat) in fiberglass hull and Aluminium hull too .

The main advantages of the Liya boat fiberglass hard-bottomed inflatable boat include:

Liya rib boat tube/pontoon is made of the world's top PVC and HYPALON fabrics, which has good air tightness and wear resistance and long service life.

PVC uses the world's top German Mehler brand PVC, providing a 3-year guarantee.

Hyperon uses the world's top quality ORCA hypalon, providing a 5-year guarantee.

Taiwan hypalon provides a 40-month shelf life.

Liya rib boats fiberglass hull adopts vacuum adsorption, which can make the bottom shell structure stronger and reduce air bubbles.

The vertical and horizontal fiberglass or aluminium keels make the ship stronger and more stable during navigation.

PVC CORE replaces traditional wooden boards, making fiberglass decking more waterproof and lighter,Stronger

The high quality air valve design, which is convenient, safe and reliable.

All bonding parts of Liya boats are made of imported glue, and its peeling strength, high temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance, UV resistance and other properties are superior to domestic glue.

Liya's entertainment rigid inflatable rib boats are being exported to Europe, America, Oceania, Southeast Asia, Africa and other places and have been recognized.

Regarding work boats rhib boats, Liya Boat provides rigid hulled inflatable boats to the Thai Navy, Gabonese Government, Myanmar Government, Indonesian Navy, World Food Organization, Mauritius Coast Guard, South African Government and other departments. Liya has also been continuously improving in this process. and improve their quality and gain unanimous praise from customers

The birth of fiberglass rigid inflatable boats can be traced back to 1964, proposed by the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNFI). It combines the hull with large inflatable buoyancy tubes, which not only increases buoyancy but also reduces wear and tear on the bottom of general inflatable boats. Since then, this new type of boat has become popular in various countries around the world, and has also evolved into various forms such as aluminium hard-shell inflatable boats, aluminium hull rib boat ,PVC or Hypalon rigid inflatable boats.

To sum up, fiberglass hard-bottomed inflatable boat is a new type of boat with excellent performance and wide range of uses. It is especially suitable for use in leisure and entertainment, transportation, rescue, police patrol and other fields.

Liya Boats Features
Regarding work boats rhib boats