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Rib and Fiberglass Advantages:

1. Design: Experienced Technicians and engineers creat unique and customers design


2. Hull Structure: Longitudinal and transverse keel jointed configuration to make stronger

The open deck, convenient to repair and maintain fuel tank

3. FRP Material:

A. Resing and Gel-coat material are all ASHLAND from America

B. PVC core replace traditional plywood core inside to ensure fiberglass deck stronger,lighter and more waterproof

4. Manufacture Technology:

VACUUM ABSORPTION to make fiberglass hull high intensity and tenacity


5. World Top class Hypalon and PVC for choice

Pontoon/ Tube Structure Advantages:

Top quality pvc from Germany

Hypalon material is ORCA which from France, Taiwan


Reasonable , scientific tube seam



Hypalon features:

Ultraviolet Resistance

Weather resistance

High & low temperature Resistance

Mechanical & Abrasion Resistance

Fuel & Chemical Resistance

Water & Air Tightness


• PVC tubes are usually constructed in separate sections to reduce the effect of a puncture, each with a valve  to add or remove air.

• Larger boats (7m+) have 6 or more chambers with a valve for each chamber. The more chambers a boat has the more redundancy

the boat is considered to have. This is because if only one chamber is damaged then the impact the damage has on the boat is much less.

• Dark tubes often have pressure relief valves as the air inside them expands when exposed to sunlight. This prevents the tubes

bursting from overpressure. Common materials for the tubes are Hypalon and PVC (Polyvinyl chloride).

A PVC tube is the cheapest option and can last approximately 10–15 years


• Hypalon tube can be repaired with simple puncture repair kits.

• Tubes made with Hypalon and Neoprene layers can last up to twice as long as PVC tubes and have been known to last 20 years

• Hypalon is the most popular material used for the construction of RIBs PVC (As a material for building tubes, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has the disadvantage of lacking flexibility.

To make it supple, an additive is used with the polymer. This additive vaporizes as the material ages, making the PVC brittle and allowing it to crack.


Liya Quality
1.Reasonable design with good performance is our quality target
2.All the boats made base on international standard ISO6185,ISO12217
3.With CE  certificate
4.Raw material check, with good quality supplier
5. Quality control card for each boat during in produce process
6.Each boat is tested for 48 hours followed by pressure check
7.Finally before packing all the boats are inspected
8.Good feedback from different customer`s driving pictures
9.Long-Term partnerships with strategic suppliers
10. PVC tube ,3 years guarantee
11.Hypalon and fiberglass hull, 5 years guarantee
12. Small accessories ,1 year guarantee.

Liya, Since 2007, focusing on developing and making rib boats,inflatable boats,resuce boats with many cooperation with government and navy parts,water police etc 
Liya is on the way of growing up and pursuing perfection

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Lian Ya Boat , a professional rigid inflatable boats, foldable inflatable boats, fiberglass fishing boats, panga boats manufacturer and supplier.
Almost every week, we export various kinds of RIB boats, hypalon boats, rubber boats, pvc inflatable boats and panga boats to different countries with good feedback.
Liya boat, it is reliable, safe, comfortable and eco-friendly, are widely used for vacationing, fishing, exploring, life saving, and so on.