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Rib boats hypalon aluminum
Rib boat with twin engines

Liya Rigid Boat 20 Feet Hypalon Rib Boat 6.2 Meter


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  • Liya Rigid Boat 20 Feet Hypalon Rib Boat 6.2 Meter is specially designed for family or vacation and entertainment users.
  • 20 Foot Rigid Boat for 12 passengers,with outboard engine 
  • 115hp-150hp recommend 
  • RIB620

  • Liya

  • 8903.190000


Liya 20 feet rigid-hulled inflatable boats 6.2 meter rib fishing boat

Liya 20 foot Rigid Rib Boat Hypalon 6.2 Meter video

More videos please visit https://www.youtube.com/@LiyaBoat

20 foot rigid boat in hypalon or PVC tube

The Liya RHIB Boat 20 Foot Hypalon rib boat have the following features:

1.The hull is made of fiberglass and combined with vacuum adsorption technology to ensure the strength and durability of the hull.

The longitudinal and transverse keel supports within the hull not only strengthen the structural strength of the hull, but also make the entire hull lighter and easier to carry and operate.

2. The RIB 20 Feet tube material

The tube/pneumatic float used on board are made from the world's top materials hypalon  to ensure air tightness and durability.

At the same time, PVC sandwich foam material is used inside the deck instead of traditional wooden boards. This not only enhances the water resistance of the boat, but also makes the entire hull more durable and able to withstand various harsh weather and water environments.

3. Practical and comfortable interior configuration for RIB 620

The center console and seats are equipped with storage boxes for users to store small items and necessities.

There is also a table hidden in the operation console, which can be opened and used at any time when the user needs to eat or carry out other activities, which increases the practicality and convenience on the ship.

There is a mobil sun cushion for rib boat 20 foot  on the bow where users can sunbathe and enjoy the sun and sea breeze.

The rear seats feature backrests and storage compartments, providing comfortable seating and additional storage space.

4. Exquisite appearance and T-TOP material selection for rhib boat 620

The t-top which is not only beautiful and elegan, stainless steel and aluminum alloy tail wings are also optional, and users can choose according to their preferences and needs.

In addition, Liya Boat also have another similar RIB Boat with center console,more information,please click 19 Foot RIB Boat

Liya Boat 6.2m fiberglass bottom inflatable rib boat semi-rigid boa

6.2 meter hypalon rib boat with outboard engine 5. 6.2 meter hypalon rib boat 20 foot rigid infaltable boat Usage suggestions

Please read the instruction manual carefully before 20 feet rigid inflatable boat to understand the various functions and usage of the boat.

Regularly check the air tightness and structural integrity of the hull to ensure safe use.

When sailing, maintain a steady speed and direction and avoid sharp turns or sudden changes in speed.

When mooring, choose stable water and use the fixing equipment provided on the boat to secure the boat securely.

The hull should be cleaned and dried in time after use to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or humid environments.

In short, the 6.2-meter fiberglass bottom inflatable boat haypalon dinghy has become an ideal choice for family or vacation users with its sturdy and durable hull design, world-class inflator and waterproof performance, practical and comfortable internal configuration, exquisite appearance and tail fin options. Whether you are fishing for leisure or driving passionately, it can bring you a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience.

20Feet Hypalon Boat Tech Specification Data

Full length


Full width


Inside length


Inside width


Tube diameters


Engine Shaft

25 inch

Air chamber No


Max Person


20’ Container


Max loading


40’ container


V shape degree




Engine Information

Engine type


Fuel type


Fuel capacity


Recommend HP


Max HP

(If install maximum hp engine, confirm with factory, very important for boat)


Engine shaft


Number of engine


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