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Liya rescue inflatable boats



Inflatable boat storage:
1. After use, the boat and all components should be washed with a mild soap and rinsed with fresh water. 
   Drying all parts before storage in the carrying bag, this will help prevent corrosion or mildew.
2. Wooden components should be inspected for damage or deterioration to the finish.
   Surface scratches or abrasion should be refinished with a marine grade varnish.
3. To keep the boat looking new, please store the boat in a cool and dry space and avoid excessive exposure to direct sunlight. 
   Important: Waxes or cleaners containing alcohol should not be used on the boat fabric.
   Alcohol will prematurely dry out the boat fabric.
4. To avoid damaging the boat during storage, do not place heavy objects on boat.
RIB Maintenance:
Use as few cleaning agents as possible, do not discharge waste agents into the water,  
-clean your craft preferably on land by fresh water you use it.
-avoid the scratching of the hull, use a high-pressure water machine.
-do not use solvent or aggressive detergent
Winter storage
-refer to the engine manual
-remove, charge and store the battery in a dry, ventilated,frost-proof place
-grease the steering gear
-remove all water from the craft and protect it from rain
-replace doubtful components
RIB boat may have a system predisposed for the installation of a foul waters tank; if it is mounted,please do not empty absolutely in the port, but in an appropriate shore-boxes.

please read the instructions for the use in the mooring port and the current National Laws.

Your boats can be used to discover the beauty and the wealth of the marine environment, we advice everyone to respect and apply these basic rules.



Fiberglass hull with 5 years guarantee;

Hypalon tube/pontoon
with 5 years guarantee;

PVC tube / pontoon
with 3 years guarantee;

with 1 year guarantee.


Normally we have repair kit ( including tube material, glue inside) for small repairs. We are confident that we have no design and functional quality problems.

In case some problems that you can not repair ,please take pictures to us , we will guide you how to repair it. Even like this, you still can not repair it, you can ask your local professional makers to help you ,we can pay for reapirs.

If you can not find professional makers,we also can send technicians to your location with your cooperation.

If the problem is due to your incorrect operations, we also can help you repair it,but this requires you to pay for repairs.

Liya, Since 2007, focusing on developing and making rib boats,inflatable boats,resuce boats with many cooperation with government and navy parts,water police etc 
Liya is on the way of growing up and pursuing perfection

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