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Rib boats hypalon aluminum
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Liya 12.5 Feet Rib Dinghy 3.8 Meter Rigid Inflatable Boat


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  • Liya 12.5 Feet Rib Dinghy 3.8 Meter Rigid Inflatable Boat for 4 people
  • 3.8 Meter Rib Dinghy with 30-50hp recommend.
  • RIB380

  • Liya

  • 8903.110000


Liya 12.5 feet inflatable rigid hull boats 3.8 meter tender rib used for yacht or big boat subsidiary boat

More videos,please visit https://www.youtube.com/@LiyaBoat

3.8 meter Rib dinghy

Liya 3.8 meters fiberglass hull hyplaon or PVC inflatable boat, luxury rib dinghy for 4 people

1.1 Product features and uses

1.1.1 Luxurious design and versatility

The Liya 3.8-meter 12.5-foot luxury inflatable boat semi-rigid rib boat has become an ideal choice for family entertainment and leisure vacations with its exquisite appearance and powerful functionality. This inflatable boat can be configured as a small rib boat yacht tender for a yacht or large boat, or can be used alone to meet your different water activity needs.

1.1.2 Liya 3.8 meter rib boat Advanced materials and technologies features

The hull adopts vacuum scution  technology, making the hull lighter and stronger.

At the same time, the use of PVC sandwich foam instead of traditional wooden boards not only reduces the weight of the hull, but also enhances waterproofing and durability.

In addition, the longitudinal and transverse keel design inside the hull allows the vessel to maintain stable sailing in heavy waves and has outstanding impact resistance.

1.1.3 50 liters samll fuel tank inside hull

1.2 Applicable scenarios

1.2.1 Family entertainment and leisure vacation rib boat

This luxury rib inflatable boat is perfect for family fun and vacations. Whether in lakes, rivers or offshore waters, it can bring you and your family an enjoyable water experience.

1.2.2 Small rib tender boat configuration as yacht or large ship

For those who own a yacht or larger boat, the Liya luxury inflatable boat is available in a small boat configuration. It can be easily carried on a yacht or large ship and used as an auxiliary vessel to facilitate your travel between different waters or for exploration activities.

2. Liya 12.5 feet RIB Boat/RHIB Boat tube configuration and details

2.1.2 PVC or HYPALON float pontoon/tube

The pontoon is made of the world's top PVC or HYPALON material, which has excellent durability and waterproof properties.

The independent air chamber design provides additional safety. Even if part of the air chamber is damaged, the buoyancy of the entire hull will not be affected.

Additionally, the pontoons are available in optional colors and can be customized to your liking.

2.2.1 Liya rib boat Center console with storage box

The 3.8 meter rib boat is equipped with a central control console with a storage box, which is convenient for you to store small items such as mobile phones and keys. The bridge is reasonably designed and easy to operate, making you more relaxed during navigation.

2.2.2 Front and rear cushions and removable cushions

The hull is equipped with comfortable cushions inside and outside to provide a comfortable experience for you and your family. The front and rear cushions are reasonably designed, which not only ensures aesthetics but also improves practicality.

In addition, Liya Boat also have another similar RIB Boat with centre console,more information,please click Liya 11 Foot RIB Boat

3.8 meter rigid inflatable boat with console

3. Liya 12.5 feet rib tender Operation Precautions and Safety Guidelines

3.1 Preparation before operation

3.1.1 Check hull integrity

Before using Liya inflatalbe dinghy rib 380 be sure to check that the hull is intact, especially the pontoons and air chambers. If damage or air leakage is found, it should be repaired or replaced immediately.

3.1.2 Liya RIB 380 Inflating and deflating operations

When inflating, a special air pump should be used and inflated in accordance with the instructions on the manual.

The inflation pressure should not be too high or too low to avoid affecting the stability and buoyancy of the hull.

When deflating, the deflation valve should be opened slowly to avoid sudden deformation or damage to the hull.

3.2 Liya rib boat 380 things to note during navigation

3.2.1 Pay attention to wind, waves and current conditions

During navigation, you should pay close attention to wind, wave and current conditions and avoid sailing in bad weather or dangerous waters.

If you encounter strong winds and waves or rapids and dangerous shoals, you should promptly find a safe haven or take other risk-avoiding measures.

3.2.2 Maintain balance and stability of Liya rib tender 380

When moving on board, you should maintain your balance and avoid violent shaking or jumping. At the same time, ensure that items on the boat are arranged neatly to avoid placing heavy objects on one side of the boat, causing the hull to tilt or capsize.

3.3 Security measures of samll infltable boat rib380

3.3.1 Equipped with life-saving equipment

When using an inflatable boat, sufficient life-saving equipment should be equipped, such as life buoys, life jackets, etc. And make sure everyone on board understands how to use the equipment properly.

3.3.2 Learn emergency measures

Before using this inflatable rib boat you should learn some emergency measures, such as how to deal with emergencies such as hull damage and air leakage. Understanding and mastering these measures can protect yourself and your family at critical moments.

12.5Feet Hypalon Boat Tech Specification Data

Full length


Full width


Inside length


Inside width


Tube diameters


Engine Shaft


Air chamber No


Max Person


20' Container


Max loading


40 Container


V shape degree




Engine Information

Engine type


Fuel type


Fuel capacity


Recommend HP



(If install maximum hp engine, confirm with factory, very important for boat)


Engine shaft


Number of engine


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