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Liya Aluminum Rib Boat 2.7M-4.8M


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  • HYP240-HYP480


Aluminium ribs also called aluminium rib boats aluminium rib tenders, aluminium inflatable boats, used for family, yacht tenders, sports or fishing too, they're in lightweight strength, durability, seaworthiness and fuel efficiency.

Aluminum hull inflatable boat is lighter and more environmentally.

Tech Specification Data
Model HYP240 HYP270 HYP300 HYP330 HYP360 LY380 LY400 LY430 HYP480
Total length 240cm 270cm 300cm 330cm 360cm 380cm 400cm 430cm 480cm
Inside length 160cm 180cm 210cm 240cm 270cm 290cm 300cm 310cm 380cm
Inside Width 76CM 76CM 76CM 76cm 76cm 88cm 88cm 105cm 105cm
Tube diameter 43CM 43CM 43CM 43cm 43cm 43cm 43cm 48cm 48cm
Max Person 3 3 4 5 6 4 7 7 8
Max Loading 300KG 414KG 410KG 495KG 640KG 780KG 700KG 880KG 1200KG
Max HP(If install maximum hp engine, confirm with factory, very important for boat) 10HP 15HP 25HP 30HP 35HP 50HP 40HP 51HP 90HP

Engine Information

Engine type


Fuel type


Max HP

(If install maximum hp engine, confirm with factory, very important for boat)


Engine shaft




Number of engine

Liya, Since 2007, focusing on developing and making rib boats,inflatable boats,resuce boats with many cooperation with government and navy parts,water police etc 
Liya is on the way of growing up and pursuing perfection

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