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Liya Rib Rescue Boat 27 Feet Police Boat 8.3 Meter


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  • Liya Rib Rescue Boat 27 Feet Police Boat 8.3 Meter rhib boat  is not only suitable for rescue work, but can also be used as a work boat, military boat and other roles.
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  • Liya

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Liya 27 foot navy rigid inflatable boat 8.3 meter military RHIB boat deatils used for rescue missions or work baot

More videos please visit https://www.youtube.com/@LiyaBoat

Liya 27 foot rescue inflatable rib boat for Police as Partol  video

Liya Bot 8.3 meter fiberglass hull rescue inflatable boat
It is not only suitable for rescue work, but can also be used as a work boat, military boat and other roles.Its strong adaptability and versatility have made it widely used around the world and won unanimous praise from users.

27Feet RHIB Boat Tech Specification Data

Full length


Full width


Inside length


Inside width


Tube diameters


Engine Shaft

25 inch

Air chamber No


Max Person


Max loading


40 Container


V shape degree


Engine Information

Engine type


Fuel type


Fuel capacity


Recommend HP


Max HP(If install maximum hp engine, confirm with factory, very important


Engine shaft


Number of engine

1 or 2

Police rib boat2. Advanced  step lined fiberglass hull technology

The fiberglass bottom hull of  27 feet rib boat hard rigid inflatable boat uses advanced vacuum adsorption technology, which ensures the strength and strength of the hull while also making the hull lightweight and easy to carry and operate.

The step lined hull design allows the boat to drive more smoothly and quickly on the water, providing excellent stability and performance whether it is a rescue mission or daily cruising.

3. Liya RHIB BOAT Hull customized services

In order to meet the needs of different users, LIYAprovides personalized customization services.

In addition to fiberglass bottom hull, we can also provide aluminum alloy bottom hull according to user requirements.

4.  8.3 meter resuce rib boat 27 feet semi-rigid boat Selection of pontoons

If an inflatable pontoon design is adopted, one large container can load two boats, which greatly reduces transportation costs.

However, if you choose a solid foam tube , it cannot be installed in a large cabinet and needs to be transported using a frame, which will increase the transportation cost.

Of course, it completely depends on the actual situation and needs of the user.

5. Humanized seating layout

This rib boat is usually designed with about 8-12 seats. This layout not only meets the needs of people sitting and lying down, but also ensures the rational use of space. Users can arrange and combine seats according to their own needs to meet different task requirements.

6. Outboard engine selection

In terms of engines for hyplaon rib inflatable boat 27 feet , users can choose single or dual engine configurations

7. Recognition by global users

So far, this fiberglass rescue inflatable boat rhib boat  has been successfully supplied to South Africa, Gabon, Thailand, Myanmar, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries, and has received good feedback.

In addition,Liya also have the same size but luxury rib boat 27 feet used for fmaily,water fun,friend gatherings etc ,more informaiton place click  Liya 27 Feet Luxury RIB Boats

The 8.3 meter inflatable hard bottomed rescue boat  is an important water rescue equipment. When using it, you need to pay attention to the following matters:

Operators must receive professional training: only those who are familiar with the performance and operating procedures of the boat can operate the rescue boat to ensure safe and effective rescue.

Regular inspection and maintenance: The rescue boat 27 feet semi rigid inflatable boat requires regular inspection and maintenance, including checking whether the hull, inflation system, engine and other components are normal, and making necessary repairs and replacements.

Make sure the inflation system is in good condition: The rescue boat's inflation system is an important part of it and requires regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that the inflation system is in good condition and can be quickly inflated when needed.

Pay attention to safe use: When using the rescue boat, you need to pay attention to safety to avoid accidents such as collision and overturning. Particularly when there are strong winds or strong currents, you need to be more careful.

Follow the operating procedures: When using the rescue boat hypalon boat, you need to follow the operating procedures and operate according to the prescribed steps to ensure the normal operation of the boat and the rescue effect.

Pay attention to weather and current conditions: When using a rescue boat rigid hull inflatable, you need to pay attention to weather and current conditions to avoid conducting rescues in bad weather or current conditions.

Ensure that the equipment on the boat is complete: The rescue boat rib inflatable boat should be equipped with necessary rescue equipment, such as lifebuoys, fire extinguishers, etc. It is necessary to regularly check whether the equipment is complete and ensure the effectiveness of the equipment.

In short, the 8.3-meter inflatable hard-bottomed rescue boat is an important water rescue equipment. When using it, you need to pay attention to safety, follow operating procedures, and conduct regular inspections and maintenance to ensure the normal operation and rescue effect of the boat.

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