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Liya Fiberglass Boat 19 Feet Panga Fishing Boat 5.8 Meter


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Liya Fiberglass Boat 19 Feet Panga Fishing Boat 5.8 Meter with center console for 8 people
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Liya 19 Feet Center Console Boat Fiberglass 5.8 Meter Panga Style Boat

More videos please visit https://www.youtube.com/@LiyaBoat

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tailed introduction of 5.8m fiberglass deep V fishing boat 19 feet

19 Feet Fiberglass Boat Tech Specification Data
Length 5.8m/19ft Width 1.98m/6.5ft
Open floor 450KG Boat with console, seat fuel   tank weight 645KG
Capacity 8 person Engine shaft 20/25inch
Oil tank 150L Water tank 80L
Living fishing   box 80L Max loading 989KG
Catergory C 20/40 container 2pcs/4pcs

Engine Information

Engine type


Fuel type


Recommend HP


Max HP

(If install maximum hp engine, confirm with factory, very important for boat)


Engine shaft


Number of engine


19 foot panga fihsing boat with T-Top

1. Boat design and appearance
1.1 Deep V-shaped bottom design

The deep V-shaped bottom design not only improves the stability of the boat in the water, but also allows the boat to travel on the water at higher speeds without generating excessive resistance. This design makes the fishing boat more stable in wind and waves, providing a safe fishing platform for fishing enthusiasts.
1.2 Fiberglass material
Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) is a composite material composed of glass fiber and resin. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, and corrosion resistance. On the 5.8-meter deep V fishing boat, fiberglass is used to manufacture the hull and bottom shell, ensuring the sturdiness and durability of the boat.

2.1 Central control console
The center console is located in the center of the boat and is equipped with comfortable seats and storage compartments. The driver can conveniently control the course and speed of the boat here, while the storage box can also be used to store some commonly used fishing tools or personal items.
2.2 Front and rear seats with storge box and T-TOP
Both the front and rear seats are designed with comfortable cushions and backrests to keep passengers comfortable during long voyages. There is a storage box under the seat, which can store fishing gear, bait and other items. In addition, the hull is also equipped with a sunshine soft strap storage box, which can conveniently store and secure various fishing equipment.
3. Hull structure and materials
3.1 Vacuum adsorption process

The fiberglass bottom shell is manufactured using a vacuum adsorption process that tightly bonds fiberglass and resin to form a strong, waterproof hull structure.
The vacuum adsorption process makes the hull stronger and stronger, able to withstand greater wind waves and impact forces.
3.2 PVC sandwich foam
Traditional wooden plank hulls are susceptible to water erosion and damage, while PVC sandwich foam is a more waterproof and durable material. In the hull of the 19 feet deep V fishing boat, PVC sandwich foam is used to replace traditional wooden boards, which not only improves the waterproof performance of the hull, but also makes the hull lighter and easier to carry.
4. Lightweight hull and easy maintenance
The use of PVC sandwich foam makes the hull lighter and easier to handle and store. At the same time, the fiberglass material also has good corrosion resistance and is not easily corroded by water, salt and other substances, so it is relatively simple to maintain.
5. Summary
The 5.8-meter fiberglass deep V fishing boat has become an ideal choice for fishing enthusiasts with its solid hull structure, comfortable interior design, convenient storage space, and lightweight and easy maintenance. Whether for amateur fishermen or professional fishermen, this fishing boat can provide a stable and safe fishing environment, making fishing more relaxed and enjoyable.

5.8 meter fiberglass boat with centre console

19ft Deep V Fishing Boat 

Operation Precautions

1. Familiar with the fishing boat hull structure and equipment
Before operating a 19-foot deep V fishing boat, you must be familiar with its hull structure, equipment layout, and the role of each functional component. Understand how to correctly operate the console, sails, engine and other equipment, as well as understand the location and use of safety equipment on the boat, such as lifebuoys, fire extinguishers, etc.

2. Check the condition of the 19 feet fiberglass fishing boat hull
Before operation, check the hull for damage or water leakage to ensure that the hull structure is intact and stable. At the same time, check whether all equipment is intact, especially key components such as engines, batteries, cables, and anchor chains.

3. Follow safety rules
During operation 5.8 meter fishing boat fiberglass boat, be sure to follow safety rules to ensure the safety of yourself and others. Avoid risking sailing in bad weather or sea conditions, and ensure that the vessel sails under conditions that allow it to be operated safely.

4. Properly distribute weight
When loading fishing equipment and catches, the weight should be distributed reasonably and the hull should be kept balanced. Avoid concentrating heavy objects on one side or the stern of the boat, which could cause the boat to tip or capsize.
5. Master sailing skills
When operating a 19-foot deep V fishing boat, you must master navigation skills and be familiar with steering, acceleration, deceleration and other operations. Especially in narrow waters or complex sea conditions, special care must be taken to ensure safe navigation.
6. Pay attention to sea conditions
During navigation, always observe changes in sea conditions, especially wave height, current, wind direction and other factors. Adjust navigation strategies in a timely manner according to changes in sea conditions to ensure stable navigation of fishing ships.

7. Stay in communication with others
Before sailing, inform others of your sailing plans and keep communication open during the sailing process. If an emergency occurs, you can seek help in time.

8. Regular maintenance and upkeep
In order to keep the 19-foot deep V fishing boat fiber boat in good condition, regular maintenance and upkeep work is required. Including cleaning the hull, checking equipment, replacing wearing parts, etc. Regular maintenance and upkeep can extend the service life of the vessel and ensure safe navigation.
In short, when operating a 19-foot deep V fishing boat, you must remain cautious and focused, abide by safety rules, be familiar with the hull structure and equipment, master navigation skills, and ensure the safety of yourself and others. At the same time, regular maintenance and upkeep work is performed to keep the vessel in good condition.

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