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Rib boats hypalon aluminum
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Liya Rib Boat 25 Feet Semi Rigid Inflatable Boat 7.5 Meter


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  • Liya RHIB Boat 25 Feet Luxury Rigid Inflatable Boat 7.5 Meter in Hypalon or PVC tube ,
  • 25 Foot RHIB boats for 16 people,with big sun deck and centre console.
  • 250hp-300hp recommend.
  • RIB750

  • Liya

  • 8903.190000


Liya Rib Boat 25 Feet Semi Rigid Inflatable Boat 7.5 Meter for 10-16 people is a luxury ribs with step lined-hull safety and comfortable boat.

More videos,please click https://www.youtube.com/@LiyaBoat

Liya 25-foot luxury fiberglass hard-bottomed inflatable 7.5 meter rib boat

Liya semi rigid inflatable boat 7.5 meterLiya 25-foot luxury fiberglass hard-bottomed inflatable boat 7.5meter rib boat demonstrates extremely high practicality and comfort with its advanced hull structure, high-quality material selection, and rich additional configurations and options. Whether you are a fishing enthusiast or a family user looking for water entertainment, this rubber boat hypalon rib can meet their various needs for water activities. At the same time, its high-quality manufacturing process and material selection also ensure the durability and service life of the boat, allowing users to feel safe and secure while enjoying the fun on the water.

25 foot 7.5 meters luxury fiberglass hull semi rigid inflatable boat

1. Hull structure and materials

1.1 Fiberglass hull

The hull of this luxury rubber rigid inflatable boat is made of fiberglass and is manufactured through a vacuum adsorption process to ensure that the hull structure is tight and strong. FRP not only has high strength and corrosion resistance, but is also lightweight, greatly improving the durability and service life of the vessel.

1.2 PVC sandwich foam in deck

The hull uses PVC sandwich foam instead of traditional wooden boards, which is lighter and more durable than traditional wooden boards. The use of PVC sandwich foam not only reduces the overall weight of the ship, but also enhances the ship's impact resistance, ensuring that the ship can maintain excellent performance in various water environments.

2. 25 feet rigid inflatable boat Hull design and characteristics

2.1 Vertical and horizontal keels

The hull is designed with longitudinal and transverse keels. This structure can effectively improve the wind resistance of the ship and ensure that it can maintain a stable sailing state in windy and choppy waters. The longitudinal and transverse keels also enhance the rigidity of the vessel, making it more stable during travel.

More other features of Liya Boat Click Liya Boats Features

2.2 Center console and seats

The 7.5 meter rib infaltable boat is equipped with a central control console and seats with storage boxes, which not only provides the driver with a comfortable control environment, but also facilitates the storage of fishing tools and other items. This design fully considers practicality and comfort, allowing drivers to feel convenient and comfortable while enjoying the fun of fishing.

2.3 Bow and stern seat boxes and cushions

The rigid hulled inflatable boat bow and stern are equipped with seat boxes and are equipped with soft cushions to provide passengers with comfortable resting space. This design not only increases the practicality of the boat, but also improves the comfort of riding.

3. Additional configurations and options

3.1 Sunshine cushion and table

The luxury rib boat semi-rigid boat provides two configuration options: sun cushions and tables, which can be interchanged according to personal preferences and needs. The sun cushion is suitable for use in sunny weather, providing passengers with a comfortable resting space; while the table is suitable for use when dining or placing items, which is very practical.

3.2 Sun awning and hard T-TOP

Customers can choose the sun soft awnings and T -top upon request. The sun soft canopy can effectively block the sun and rain, providing passengers with a dry and comfortable riding environment; while the T Top can provide sunshade effect while increasing the aesthetics of the boat.

3.3 25 ft rhib boat rigid inflatable boat tube material

The tube/pontoon is made of the world's top PVC and Hyperion materials. This material has excellent durability and anti-aging properties, ensuring that the pump can maintain stable performance even after long-term use. This high-quality material selection reflects the boat manufacturer's ultimate pursuit of product quality and customer experience.

In addition, Liya also have another RIB Boat Luxury model developped together with Italian client, if you are interested in ,click the LIya 25 Feet Luxury RIB Boat by Liya and Italian client

When operating a 25-foot luxury fiberglass hard-bottomed rubber boat rib boat  you need to pay attention to the following matters:

7.5 meter boat rhib

1. Preparation and inspection

1.1 Wear a life jacket

Before operating a dinghy, make sure each passenger wears a suitable life jacket as this is the most basic safety measure.

1.2 Check the hull

Check the rubber boat fiberglass hull inflatable boat carefully for any damage or air leakage, and make sure the air nozzle is securely closed. For fiberglass boats, also check their structural integrity to ensure there are no cracks or damage.

1.3 Check engine and propeller

Make sure the engine and propeller are in good working order and are not squeaking or overheating. Adjust the engine frequently, adhere to the scheduled maintenance time, and have the yacht inspected and adjusted by professionals.

1.4 Prepare safety equipment

Carry necessary safety equipment, such as lifebuoys, lifelines, fire extinguishers, etc.

2. Getting on and off the rigid inflatable boat rib

2.1 Maintain balance

When passengers get on and off the rib boat, make sure to maintain balance and try not to tilt the boat. Especially on hard-bottomed inflatable boats, maintaining balance is particularly important.

2.2 Follow instructions

Follow the instructions and safety instructions provided on the semi-rigid boat rhib boat to ensure that every passenger understands how to get on and off the boat correctly and safely.

3. Driving and operating

3.1 Familiar with the control device

Before operating the rib infaltable boat , familiarize yourself with all controls, including rudder, throttle, brake, etc.

3.2 Comply with navigation rules

When operating this rubber boat rib inflatable, strictly abide by navigation rules and traffic regulations to ensure safety. Be especially careful when sharing water with other boats.

3.3 Avoid dangerous operations

Do not perform dangerous maneuvers such as turning at high speed, accelerating or braking suddenly. These operations may cause the boat to lose control or capsize.

3.4 Pay attention to your surroundings

Always be aware of your surroundings, including other boats, buoys, reefs, etc. Avoid collisions with obstacles to ensure safe navigation.

4. Loading and configuration

4.1 Distributed load

Ensure that the load is evenly distributed to avoid excessive weight on one side causing the boat to tilt.

4.2 Comply with load restrictions

Follow the rigid inflatable boat's weight limits and do not overload it. Overloading may cause the boat to become unstable or capsize.

5. Maintenance and care

5.1 Regular maintenance

Perform regular care and maintenance on your inflatable boat as recommended by the manufacturer, including cleaning, painting, checking seals, etc.

5.2 Storage method

When storing your inflatable boat, make sure it is stored in a dry, ventilated area away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

5.3 Repair and replacement

If any damaged or worn parts are found, they should be repaired or replaced in time to ensure the safety and performance of the rubber boat.

6. Emergency measures

6.1 Emergency equipment

Make sure the boat has appropriate emergency equipment, such as lifebuoys, lifelines, fire extinguishers, etc., and understand how to use these equipment correctly.

6.2 Help and communication

Before setting off, make sure you bring effective communication equipment such as a radio, cell phone, etc. to call for help or communicate with other boats if needed.

7. Personnel requirements

7.1 Driving qualifications

Make sure the driver has the appropriate qualifications and experience to operate the dinghy safely.

7.2 Compliance with regulations

All passengers should abide by the regulations and safety guidelines for the use of rubber boats to ensure safety throughout the entire voyage.

8. Special environmental considerations

8.1 Bad weather

In bad weather, such as strong winds, large waves or strong currents, you should try to avoid operating a rubber boat. If you must travel, take extra caution and take extra safety measures.

8.2 Night sailing

If it is necessary to sail at night, ensure that rib inflatable boat is equipped with appropriate navigation lights and lighting equipment, and take additional safety measures, such as adding observers.

9. Records and reporting

9.1 Logbook

Record the date, time, location, personnel and other information of each voyage for review and reporting when needed.

9.2 Incident reporting

If any accident or emergency occurs, it should be reported immediately to the relevant departments and necessary measures should be taken to ensure personnel safety.

The above are the precautions for operating a 25-foot luxury fiberglass hard-bottomed rib boat equipped with a 200-horsepower engine. In actual operation, adjustments and supplements should be made according to specific conditions and manufacturer's

7.5 Meter Hypalon Boat Tech Specification Data

Full length


Full width


Inside length


Inside width


Tube diameters


Engine Shaft

25 inch

Air chamber No


Max Person


Max loading


40 Container


V shape degree


Engine Information

Engine type


Fuel type


Fuel capacity


Recommend HP

250HP(single motor) /115HP(twin motors)

Max HP(If install maximum hp engine, confirm with factory, very important for boat)


Engine shaft


Number of engine

1 or 2

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