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Rib boats hypalon aluminum
Rib boat with twin engines

Liya 14 Feet Small Rigid Inflatable Boat 4.3 Meter Rib Boat


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Liya 14 Feet Small Rigid Inflatable Boat 4.3 Meter Rib Boat for 7 people
  • RIB430

  • Liya

  • 8903.110000


Liya 14 Feet Inflatable dinghy boat 4.3 Meter Inflatable Rigid Boat

More videos please visit https://www.youtube.com/@LiyaBoat

4.3 meter rib boat

Liya 4.3m fiberglass bottom luxury inflatable boat for 7 people

Liya 4.3m fiberglass hull hyplaon or PVC luxury rib inflatable boat 14 feet Luxury is suitable for many occasions. For families, it can be a great choice for a weekend or holiday outing, providing an enjoyable experience whether it's a lake, river or beach.

At the same time, it can also be used as a supporting boat for yachts or large ships, allowing users to travel freely in different water environments.

1.1 Liya 14 feet rib tender small yacht boat features and advantages

1.1.1 Lightweight and robust

Liya 4.3-meter luxury inflatable boat uses advanced vacuum suction technology to manufacture the hull. This technology makes the hull lighter while maintaining excellent sturdiness.

The hull uses PVC sandwich foam instead of traditional wooden boards, which not only further reduces weight, but also improves waterproof performance and structural strength. This design allows this small rib boat to perform well in a variety of water conditions, providing a safe and comfortable experience whether for family fun or leisure vacations.

1.1.2 Liya 14 feet yacht rib tender  Stability and impact resistance

The design of the longitudinal and transverse keels in the hull enhances the structural stability of the hull, allowing it to maintain stable sailing in heavy waves. This design not only improves riding comfort, but also enhances the ship's impact resistance, allowing it to remain safe when encountering wind and waves.

There is also equiped a 70 leters fuel tank inside hull ,and in case the fuel tank has problem you can repair or replace.

1.1.3 Liya small rhib boat semi-rigd boat  Luxurious configuration and versatility

This inflatable rib boat is equipped with a central control console with a storage box, which is convenient for the driver to operate and store items. The front and rear cushions provide passengers with a comfortable ride, while the removable cushion design makes the boat more flexible and can be used for sunbathing or adding storage space. This versatility makes the Liya luxury inflatable boat not only suitable for family entertainment and leisure vacations, but also can be configured as a small boat for a yacht or a large boat to meet the needs of different users.

In addition, Liya Boat also have another similar RIB Boat in hypalon or PVC tube,more information,please click Liya 3.8 Meter Rib Boat

14 Foot small rigid inflatable boat

2. Liya 7 people rib inflatable dinghy Operation precautions and maintenance suggestions

2.1 Operation precautions

2.1.1 Inflating and deflating

Before use, make sure the boat is fully inflated and check that the air chamber is intact. When deflating, please follow the steps in the instruction manual to avoid excessive deflation that may cause hull deformation or damage.

2.1.2 Driving and operation for 14 feet rib boat

When operating a vessel, please comply with relevant navigation rules, laws and regulations. Ensure that the driver has appropriate driving skills and experience to avoid safety accidents caused by improper operation. At the same time, please pay attention to the weather and water conditions and avoid sailing in bad weather or dangerous waters.

2.1.3 Riding and loading

Please carry and load in accordance with the vessel's load limit to avoid overloading, which may cause damage to the hull or affect navigation safety. When loading items, please distribute the weight reasonably to keep the balance and stability of the hull.

2.2 Maintenance recommendations for 14 feet rigid hull infaltable boat

2.2.1 Cleaning and protection

Please clean the boat promptly after each use to avoid corrosion of the hull caused by dirt or salt. At the same time, special protective agents can be used to protect the hull and extend its service life.

2.2.2 Regular inspection and maintenance for small rhib boat

It is recommended that this small rib tender hypalon boat be inspected and repaired regularly, including checking whether the air chamber, hull structure, bridge and other components are intact, and replacing severely worn components. For any problems or faults found, professional maintenance personnel should be contacted promptly for processing.

2.2.3 Storage and safekeeping

When storing this small inflatable rib boat, make sure it is stored in a dry, ventilated place to avoid damage to the hull from direct sunlight and moisture. At the same time, it is recommended to place the boat on flat ground to avoid being squeezed or deformed for a long time.

By following the above operating precautions and maintenance recommendations, you can better use and maintain this inflatable dinghy rib

14Feet Rib Boat Tech Specification Data

Full length


Full width


Inside length


Inside width


Tube diameters


Engine Shaft


Air chamber No


Max Person


20’ Container


Max loading


40’ container


V shape degree




Engine Information

Engine type


Fuel type


Fuel capacity


Recommend HP


Max HP

(If install maximum hp engine, confirm with factory, very important for boat)


Engine shaft


Number of engine


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