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Rib boats hypalon aluminum
Rib boat with twin engines

Liya Patrol Boat Aluminum hull Rib Boat 9-10 Meter


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  • Liya Patrol Boat Aluminum hull Rib Boat 9-10 Meter 
  • LY90-LY100

  • Liya

  • 8903.190000


Liya 33 foot High quality Aluminum RIBs 9-10 meter with 20 people inflatable ribs Details and Features

Liya 10 meter rhib boats Patrol Boat in aluminium hull video

More other videos please visit https://www.youtube.com/@LiyaBoat

Liya 10meter aluminum hull infaltable boat aluminium rib boat has10- 20 seats and is available in single and double power options.

Liya Patrol Boat Aluminum hull Rib Boat 9-10 Meter

It is a water vehicle that is very suitable for team activities, water rescue or sightseeing.

The following is a detailed of this aluminum hull rib boat:

Materials and structure: The boat is mainly made of aluminum alloy bottom and hypalon tube materials. Aluminum hull is used to build the frame and support structure of the boat, while hyplaon or PVC  material  combination makes the boat both lightweight and durable.

Seating and Capacity: This rigid inflatble boat aluminium hull  has 10-18 seats, which means it can accommodate 20 people. This is very practical for group activities or sightseeing as it can carry more people at once.

Engine options: The 30 feet rib boat aluminum hull boat provides two power options: single engine and dual engine.

A single engine is more suitable for light use or short distance travel, while double engines can provide more power and faster speed, suitable for long distance or heavy load use.

Liya rib boat aluminum hull Usage scenarios: Due to its large capacity and flexible power options, this rib boat is very suitable for team activities, water rescue, travel and sightseeing, etc.

In team activities, it can provide enough space for everyone to participate; in water rescue, it can quickly deliver rescuers to the location of the incident; in sightseeing, it can provide a comfortable and safe ride experience .

In addition, Liya Boat also have another RIB Boat with aluminum hull,more information,please click

19 Foot Rib boat aluminum hull and Liya Aluminium rib boat open deck

When using a 10-meter aluminum alloy rubber boat, the following are some things to pay attention to:

Safety equipment: Make sure the boat is equipped with necessary safety equipment, such as life jackets, fire extinguishers, etc. Before use, check that these devices are in good condition and become familiar with their use.

Loading limit: Although there are 20 seats on the boat, the load capacity of each seat is limited. When using it, make sure not to exceed the boat's load limit to avoid danger.

Smooth operation: During driving, avoid sharp turns, sudden braking and other violent operations to avoid rollover or collision of the boat.

Weather Conditions: Before using the boat, check whether the weather conditions are suitable for the trip. Avoid using the boat in bad weather (such as strong winds, large waves, fast currents, etc.) to ensure safety.

Wear appropriate clothing: When using the boat, wear appropriate clothing and avoid clothing that is too loose or draggy to avoid getting caught on the hull or obstacles in the water.

Follow the instructions for use: Before using the boat, read the instructions for use carefully and follow them. If you are not familiar with the operation method, it is recommended to use it under the guidance of professionals.

Regular inspection and maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance of the boat, including checking whether the hull is damaged, rusted and other problems, and checking whether the power system is operating normally.

In short, when using a 10-meter aluminum alloy rubber boat, you must pay attention to safety, comply with regulations, maintain smooth operation, and conduct regular inspections and maintenance to ensure safe and comfortable use.

29.6-33Feet Aluminum hull Patrol Boat Tech Specification Data
Model LY90-LY100
Length overall

9.0m-10.0 m/29ft-33ft

Inside length

8.0m-9.0 m/26ft-27ft

Width overall

3.15 m– 10.3ft

Inside width

1.8 m– 5.9ft

Tube diameter 0.49m-0.58 m
V shape degree 26°
Max Capacity 18-20people
Max loading(kg) 1900-2000
Net Weight (kg ) 1400-1500
Airtight compartment 10pcs
40ft HQ container 2pcs

Outboard engine data

Single engine shaft XL 25’
Twin engine shaft XL 25’
Recommended power (Hp) 250-300HP
Max power (Hp)

(If install maximum hp engine, confirm

with factory, very important for boat)


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