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Liya 11 Feet Luxury Rib Tender for 5 people


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Liya 11 Feet Luxury Rib Tender 3.3 Meter Rib Boat with center console
  • RIB330

  • Liya

  • 8903.110000


Liya 11 Feet Luxury Rib Tender 3.3 Meter for 5 people

More videos please visit https://www.youtube.com/@LiyaBoat

Full length 3.3Meter/11feet
Full width
Inside length 2.76m/9feet
Inside width 90cm
Tube diameter 42cm
Air chambe No 3pcs
Capacity 5people
Max Loading 495kgs

Recommend/Max HP

(If install maximum hp engine,
confirm with factory, very important for boat)
V shape 17
20'/40' container loading quantity 5pcs/10pcs
Engine shaft 15inches
Liya 3.3m fiberglass bottom inflatable boat 11ft RIB tender

1.1.1 Material and structure

Liya 3.3m 11ft rigid hull inflatable boat is a luxury water vehicle that combines modern technology with traditional craftsmanship.

Its bottom is made of strong and durable fiberglass material, which is perfectly combined with hyplaon or PVC tube/pontoon to form a boat structure that is both light and strong. The application not only improves the durability of the hull, but also ensures the lightweight of the vessel, making operation more convenient.

1.1.2 Purpose and occasions

This inflatable boat was designed with the needs of family entertainment and leisure vacations in mind. Whether it is lakeside fishing, sea roaming,  it can be your ideal choice. At the same time, it can also be configured as a small rib inflatble boat for a yacht or a large ship, providing a more flexible sailing solution.

1.2 Technology and quality assurance

1.2.1 Application of vacuum adsorption technology

This inflatble rib boat hull adopts advanced vacuum suction technology, which makes the hull structure more compact and lighter, while ensuring the strength and durability of the hull.

1.2.2 PVC sandwich foam

Traditional wooden hulls often have problems such as being heavy and susceptible to moisture. The Liya semi rigid inflatatble rib boat uses PVC sandwich foam to replace traditional wooden boards. This material is lighter, more waterproof and stronger, which not only reduces the weight of the hull, but also improves the waterproof performance of the hull, making the boat more suitable for use in a variety of water environments.

1.2.3 Quality Assurance and Certification

Liya rib inflatable boats strictly adhere to international quality standards and safety regulations during the production process, and each boat undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to ensure its performance and quality.

In addition, Liya Boat also have another similar RIB Boat with outboard motor,more information,please click Liya 12.5 Foot RIB Boat and Liya 14 Foot hypalon rib boat

Liya 3.3 meter (11 feet) fiberglass bottom hyplaon or PVC 4-person luxury inflatable boat, to ensure safe use, the following are some operating precautions:

1. Preparation before use

Understand relevant regulations: Before using this 11 foot rib inflatable boat, you should have a thorough understanding of all national laws and regulations, marine regulations and safety codes regarding the operation and use of inflatable boats.

Check equipment: Ensure that all basic equipment of the inflatable tender rib, such as paddles, inflatable pumps, etc., have been placed on the deck, and prepare additional safety equipment for possible dangers. Check whether the hull, oars and other accessories are damaged and whether the air pressure is sufficient and safe.

Consider environmental factors: Be aware of the weather and surroundings, and prepare the appropriate amount of first aid medication.

Inform family or friends: Before departure, be sure to inform your family or friends of your departure time, destination, and expected return time.

2. Precautions during operation

Drive Safely: Avoid operating  this rib inflatable boat yacht tender  while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Stay focused, especially in complex or unfamiliar waters.

Load distribution: Ensure that the load is evenly distributed to prevent hull instability. When using an outboard motor with a very light load, sudden acceleration should be avoided.

Proper use of outboard motors: Configure outboard motors within the range allowed by performance indicators and avoid overloading. Improper use of outboard motors may cause immeasurable harm to the user.

Pay attention to the remaining fuel level: Keep an eye on the remaining fuel level at all times to ensure there is enough fuel to return.

3. Maintenance and maintenance

Regular inspection: Regularly check the hull, air chamber, seams, etc. of the inflatable boat to ensure that they are intact.

Storage precautions: When storing the inflatable boat, it should be placed in a dry, ventilated place away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

4. Emergency handling

Understand emergency rescue measures: Be familiar with emergency rescue measures, such as how to send out distress signals, how to use life-saving equipment, etc.

Avoid taking risks: When encountering an emergency or unexpected situation, stay calm and avoid taking risky actions.

Please note that these are only basic usage precautions and should be adjusted according to specific conditions during actual use. When using an inflatable boat, be sure to follow local laws, regulations and safety requirements to ensure the safety of yourself and others. If you have any questions about operation or maintenance, it is recommended to consult a professional or manufacturer.

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