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Liya Fiberglass Fishing Boat 25 Feet Panga Boat 7.6 Meter


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Liya Fiberglass Fishing Boat 25 Feet Panga Boat 7.6 Meter fiberglass boat has a spacious space and can accommodate up to 10 people. Whether it's a family outing or a gathering of friends, this fishing boat offers enough space for everyone to comfortably enjoy time on the water.
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Liya 25 Feet Fiberglass Commercial Fishing Boats 7.6 Meter

More videos,please visit https://www.youtube.com/@LiyaBoat

7.6m 25ft popular deep V fiberglass fishing boat

Liay Panga Style Fiberglass Boat Tech Specification Data








10 people

Living fishing box

80 Liter

Max loading


Oil tank


Water tank


Catergory C

40 container


Engine Information

Engine type


Fuel type


Recommend HP


Max HP

If install maximum hp engine, confirm with factory, very important


Engine shaft


Number of engine

1 or 2

new style panga 7601.1.2 Advantages of deep V design

The deep V-shaped bottom design not only improves the stability of this fishing boat in the water, but also effectively reduces the impact of water flow on the hull, making the navigation smoother. At the same time, this design also helps reduce the impact of waves on passengers inside the boat, providing a more comfortable riding experience.

1.2 Engine

1.2.1 Single engine and dual engine selection

This fishing boat can be equipped with single or dual engines according to user needs. A single engine is suitable for relaxed recreational fishing trips, while twin engines provide more power for longer or faster voyages.

1.3 In-boat facilities and configurations

1.3.1 Selection of fishing seats and Recliner chairs

The 25ft fishing boat can be equipped with standard fishing seats or Recliner chairs according to user needs. The fishing seats are reasonably designed to facilitate fishing operations; while the deck Recliner chairs provide a more comfortable resting space to relax your tired body and mind.

panga fishing boat

1.3.2 Fish rod holder and central control console

There is also a fishing rod holder inside the boat, allowing fishing enthusiasts to be ready to catch fish at any time. The center console of fiberglass fishing boat is equipped with soft cushions and storage boxes, which not only provide a comfortable driving environment, but also store fishing tools and other items in an orderly manner.
1.4 Bow and stern configuration for 25 feet fiber boat fishing boat
1.4.1 Seat box and cushion for storage
Both the bow and stern of the boat are equipped with storage seat boxes and cushions, which can be used to store fishing equipment or personal items, and can also be used as rest seats. This design takes practicality and comfort into consideration, making fishing trips more relaxing and enjoyable.
1.4.2 Fish cutting board and T-TOP canopy
In addition, the boat can also be equipped with a fish cutting board to facilitate the processing of caught fish. The T-TOP awning can provide shade and rain protection, ensuring that passengers can enjoy fishing in any weather conditions.2. Hull materials and processes
2.1 Fiberglass bottom shell
2.1.1 Vacuum adsorption technology

The fiberglass bottom shell is made of advanced vacuum suction technology to ensure that the bottom shell is more stronger. This technology can effectively eliminate bubbles and voids in the bottom case, improving overall strength and durability.


2.1.2 Advantages of FRP materials
As a lightweight and high-strength
composite material, FRP has excellent corrosion resistance, UV resistance and good insulation properties. Using fiberglass materials to make the bottom shell can not only extend the service life of the boat, but also maintain its beautiful appearance.
2.2 Vertical and horizontal keels of this fiberglass fishing boat
2.2.1 Improve stability and robustness

There are vertical and horizontal keels inside the hull, which can effectively improve the stability and solidity of the boat on the water. The design of the keel can disperse the impact of water flow on the hull, reduce shaking and bumps, and keep passengers stable and comfortable during navigation.

2.3 PVC sandwich foam for this fishing boat
PVC sandwich foam is used inside the hull instead of traditional wooden boards as the support structure. This material has excellent waterproof performance, light weight and good sound insulation effect, which can effectively improve the overall performance of the boat hull.
To sum up, this 7.6-meter 25-foot popular deep-V fiberglass fishing boat has attracted much attention in the market due to its reasonable size and capacity, flexible power configuration, rich in-boat facilities, and advanced hull materials and processes. One of the fishing boats. Whether it's a family outing or a professional fishing tournament, it provides you with a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience on the water

In addition, Liya Boat also have another similar panga boat in fiberglass hull ,more information,please click Liya 22 Feet Panga Boat

25-foot popular deep V fiberglass fishing boat

operating precautions

1. Starting and shutting down the boat
1.1 Check before start-up
Before operating 25-foot popular deep-V fiberglass fishing boat, you must ensure that the boat body is not damaged, the engine oil and water levels are normal, the battery has sufficient power, and all safety equipment (such as life-saving equipment and fire-fighting equipment) are complete and effective.
1.2 Start the program
Start the engine according to the manufacturer's instructions. First make sure all switches and valves are in the correct position, then start the engine and check that it operates properly. If any abnormal sound or vibration is detected, the engine should be shut down immediately and inspected.
1.3 Close the program

At the end of the operation, the engine should be shut down properly in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines. Make sure all switches and valves are closed and disconnect battery power.
2. Driving operations
2.1 Driving safety
When operating this fiberglass fishing boat, always comply with local navigation and traffic regulations. Wear a suitable lifejacket and ensure all passengers also wear a lifejacket. Avoid driving in bad weather or poor visibility.
2.2 Navigation skills
During navigation, you should always keep an eye on your surroundings and pay attention to the dynamics of other vessels and obstacles. Master correct steering and acceleration techniques to ensure smooth sailing.
2.3 Mooring and anchoring
When mooring or anchoring, choose safe waters and follow correct mooring and anchoring procedures. Make sure the fihsing boat is stable and use appropriate anchor chains and boys.
3. Fishing activities
3.1 Fishing equipment
Before fishing activities, necessary fishing equipment should be prepared, including fishing rods, fishing lines, bait, etc. Make sure your equipment is safe and secure and comply with local fishing regulations.
3.2 Fishing skills
Master correct fishing techniques, including choosing suitable fishing spots, placing bait, adjusting fishing rod angles, etc. Pay attention to the dynamics of the water surface and the fish's hook bite, and respond in time.
3.3 Fish handling
After catching fish, the fish should be handled correctly. Ensure the freshness and hygiene of your catch and comply with local fish handling regulations.

4. Maintenance and maintenance
4.1 Daily inspection
Regularly conduct daily inspections of fishing boats, including the hull, engine, electrical system, etc. Ensure the proper functioning of all components and repair any damage or malfunction promptly.
4.2 Cleaning and Preservation
Keep your fishing fiberglass boat clean and dry and avoid prolonged exposure to water. Carry out regular anti-corrosion treatment on the hull to extend its service life.
4.3 Storage and maintenance

When this 25 foot fishing boat is not in use, it should be stored in a dry, ventilated place and take appropriate protective measures. Follow manufacturer's guidelines for long-term care and maintenance.

5. Emergency handling

5.1 Fire emergency

In the event of a fire, fire-fighting equipment should be activated immediately and the emergency escape procedures on the boat should be followed for evacuation. If the fire cannot be controlled, call for rescue immediately.

5.2 Water leakage emergency

If water leakage is found in the hull of the boat, the leaking area should be inspected immediately and emergency repair measures should be taken. If the water leakage is serious, you should find a safe place to park as soon as possible and call for rescue.

5.3 Person falling into water emergency response

If someone falls into the water, the boat should be stopped immediately and life-saving equipment should be activated. Ensure all passengers wear life jackets and take appropriate rescue measures.

6. Compliance with laws and regulations

When using the 25-foot popular deep V fiberglass fishing boat, you should strictly abide by local laws and regulations, including navigation rules, fishing regulations, etc. Ensure that your own operating behaviors are legal and compliant, and respect the rights and interests of other vessels and personnel.

The above are the operating precautions for the 25-foot popular deep V fiberglass fishing boat. Please be sure to follow these rules to keep yourself and others safe. At the same time, regular maintenance and upkeep is required to extend the service life of the fishing boat. While enjoying fishing activities, you should also pay attention to environmental protection and sustainable development.

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