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PVC fenders


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boat fenders,PVC fender,inflatable fenders,marine inflatable fender,inflatable fender for sale,PVC fenders,

Product performance and description:

①Material: 100% brand new pvc material (no recycled materials added), anti-aging; no internal cracks or bubble.

②Under normal circumstances, there will be no cracks due to brittleness caused by cold weather

③UV-resistance,; UV-resistance, no fading, no fading to your boat

④It can be inflated and deflated for transportation, which is very convenient

⑤Improved air nozzle, strong sealing

⑥Special smooth air needle, does not damage the air nozzle

General application areas:

① Yacht, tender boats, the marina Collision avoidance

② Marine floats, channel floats, anchor floats, breeding floats, fishing nets floats, interception floats, Swimming pool floats, etc.

③ Other application areas such as children's amusement facilities are also possible


Application of air nozzle:

air nozzle



specifications 2

specifications 3

boat fendersboat fendermarine inflatable fender

Liya, Since 2007, focusing on developing and making rib boats,inflatable boats,resuce boats with many cooperation with government and navy parts,water police etc 
Liya is on the way of growing up and pursuing perfection

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Lian Ya Boat , a professional rigid inflatable boats, foldable inflatable boats, fiberglass fishing boats, panga boats manufacturer and supplier.
Almost every week, we export various kinds of RIB boats, hypalon boats, rubber boats, pvc inflatable boats and panga boats to different countries with good feedback.
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