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Liya 37Feet/11.6M FRP37A fiberglass boat for 12people

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  • FRP37A



Overall   length


Overall   breadth


Moulded   depth




Seating   capacity

12 人

Max horsepower

(If install maximum hp engine, confirm with factory, very important for boat)




Standard accessories:

1. Fiberglass cabin

2. Push-pull window (each side 4pcs)

3. Tempered windshield (2 front glass, one on each side of the triangular glass)

4.Fiberglass  whole console

5. Indoor ceiling lights, left and right side lights, mast  lights

6. Wiper

7. Drain valves on each sides and  bilge pump(2pcs)

8. Horn (stainless steel)

9. Seats (FRP big size, install according to clients’ requirements)

10. Stainless steel handles, ,install according to seats quantity

11. Stainless steel  rail for whole boats (boat bow rail and ceiling rail )

12. T shape rubbing strake

13. Multiple switch

14. Cleats (10inches*1pc,8inches*2pcs, 5inches*4pcs)

15. Boat  inner guard plate

16. Rear hatch

Liya, Since 2006, focusing on making and developing boats, 
Liya is on the way of growing up and pursuing perfection

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