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Liya Luxury Rib Boats

Liya RIB Boats rigid hull inflatable boats, a lightweight but high-performance and high-capacity boat constructed with a solid, shaped fiberglass hull by vacuum absorption with 5 years guarantee, and flexible best Hypalon or Germany PVC tubes at the gunwale.

They are also called inflatable ribs, inflatable tenders, RHIB or yacht tenders, and used for family, sport and fishing even rescue, it’s reliable, safety and comfortable.

Open Floor RIB Boat

Liya Open RIBs Fiberglass

Liya open deck rib dinghy tender is a type of economy rigid inflatable boats with flat fiberglass deck, you can use boats directly with outboard engine, or you also can install consoles and seats according to requirements.

Luxury RIB Boat

Liya Aluminum Rib Boats

Aluminum ribs also called aluminum rib boats, aluminum rib tenders, aluminum inflatable boats, used for family, yacht tenders, sport or fishing too, it's in lightweight strength, durability, seaworthiness and fuel efficiency.

Inflatable Boat

Liya Fiberglass Fishing/Panga Boats

Panga boat is a type of open, outboard-powered fiberglass fishing boats used for fishing.
Liya panga fishing hulls are made of fiberglass heavily reinforced by numerous bulkheads, high bow, narrow waterline beam, and a flotation bulge along the gunwale.

The high bow of this marine style panga boat provides buoyancy for retrieving heavy nets, and minimizes spray coming over the bow.

Fiberglass Fishing/ Panga Boat

Liya Inflatable Rescue Boats

Inflatable Rescue Boats are rubber boats with an outboard motor used for saving lives during surfing water sport or natural disasters that are related to water like flood, tsunami, etc.
Liya rescue inflatable boats consists of different air chamber, heavy-duty interior, V-keel and many other options to ensure effective and safe rescue operations. It can be made into foldable inflatable boats or rigid hull inflatable boats /rescue ribs.

Open Floor RIB Boat

Liya Foldable Inflatable Boats

PVC or hypalon inflatable boats are made from multiple air chambers which prevent the entire boats from losing air if a puncture does happen. It is also called inflatable dinghies, inflatable tenders, rubber boats etc.
It can be made into aluminium floor inflatable boats, marine plywood floor inflatable boats, air deck inflatable boats too.

Luxury RIB Boat

Liya Inflatable Catamaran & Rafting Boats

Liya inflatable catamarans, high speed inflatable boats are portable and durable, these boats are ideal for fishing, diving and exploring the waters.
liya inflatable rafting boats are made for various situations, water rafting, fishing and exploration on holiday. The rafting boats designed with light weight and fast features.

Inflatable Boat

Liya Inflatable Fishing & Banana Boats

Inflatable Banana Boats are excellent sources of recreation and fun on water. Banana water sled is unpowered inflatable boats designed to be towed by motor boats.
The inflatable fishing boats are an excellent 2-4person inflatable dinghies that is well-suited for a wide variety of conditions.

Fiberglass Fishing/ Panga Boat

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