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Open Fiberglass Hull Ribs

Open Floor Rib Boat 5.8Meter-7.5Meter/19Feet-24.6Feet

Liya flat deck rib boats also are rigid hull inflatable boats from 2.7 meter to 6.8 meters.

The deck of this rib tender is very open or flat with automatically water discharge simple system. You can use it as flat boat directly, but also can install consoles and seats. All of them are more economy compared with luxury rib boats structure.

This rib boats also called inflatable dinghies, economy inflatable boats, inflatable tenders too.
Model Full length Full Width Inside length Inside width Tube Dia. Engine shaft Air chamber No. Max passengers Recommend /Max HP Hull weight Container QTY
HYP580A 580cm 245cm 460cm 137cm 52cm 25"  5 10 90/115HP 320kg 2/4PCS
HYP660A 660cm 285cm 585cm 181cm 52cm 25" 6 12 150/200HP 600kg 2/4PCS
HYP750A 750CM 285CM 650CM 181CM 52CM 25" 8 12 150/250HP 650KG 2PCS 40ft HQ