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PVC or hypalon inflatable boats are made from multiple air chambers which prevent the entire boats from losing air if a puncture does happen.

It is also called inflatable dinghies, inflatable tenders, rubber boats etc.

It can be made into aluminium floor inflatable boats, marine plywood floor inflatable boats, air deck inflatable boats too.
Model Length (CM) Weight(KG) Volume
TI-9 9'(274) 11 89*51*25
TI-10 10'(304) 11.5 89*51*25
TI-10.6 10'6(320) 12 89*51*25
TI-11.6 11'6(350) 13 89*51*25
TI-12.6 12'6(380) 14 89*51*25
TI-14 14'(425) 15 89*51*25

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